Insider stock selling
Cnn money reported over the weekend of a massive amount of insider selling of their us stock holdings since april. Why? Well in my opinion there are three reasons why insiders would do this: 1. They’ve been waiting to cash out ever since the crisis started, so now that all major indices have turned bullish again they’re selling. 2. Most of these are options which really mean that the opportunity to turn contracts to cash is irresistable 3. They’re buying into the opinion that prices are too high and the current prices do not reflect the current fundamentals. While all this is happenimg though, the major us indices are still charging upwards this would lead me to believe that despite insider selling the broader market is still buying. There must be caution now as a healthy pullback may be coming soon. For currencies the usd will continue to weaken significantly as investors and traders are dumping the idea that the usd is a safe haven currency for now
-Mark So