About Mark So

Mark is a Forex Trader, Forex Fund Manager, Forex Educator, Businessman, and Investor who started investing in physical currencies in 1998 and then traded forex on line in 2003 when the internet became more stable and accessible.

Through the years, Mark (with the help of his loving wife Jhoanna) has successfully built the following businesses which run until this day.

Mark is:

  • The Founder and Chief Forex Trainer of www.timingyourtrade.com (Online Forex Trading Timing System) Established 2008
  • The Co Founder and Chairman of Businessmaker Academy.(Business, Finance, Corporate Training) Established 2003
  • The Founder and Chief Forex Trainer of www.monsterpips.com (Online Forex Education) Established 2007
  • The Founder and Chief Forex Trainer of www.forexclubmanila.com (Online Forex Forum) Established 2008
  • The Founder and Chairman of Buona Vita corp. (Events management corp) Established 2000
  • The Chief Operating Officer of Kitchen on Wheels. (Food Cart company) Established 1978
  • The Chief Financial Officer  of Teach It Forward, Inc. (Charity organization) Established 2004

Mark is a strong believer in education through expeirence and shares whatever he can for the betterment of those around him. He is Filipino-Chinese and based in the Philippines.


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