171% in 30 Days! – Meet Jenny Curato!

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Hi all!

I’d like you all to meet a member of Forex Club Manila who took my Forex Crash Course (Fortune Forex) last January. She won the regular contest we hold by an astounding 171.67% in 30 days. Below is my interview with her and a link to download her trading results to see for yourself.

Mark: Congratulations Jennyfer, Outstanding job! How do you feel about being the April 2010 Master of the Minimum Winner?

Jennyfer: I’m  very happy. As a beginner it’s really a very big achievement.

Mark: A lot of members want to know how you made +171%. Can you give us the details of your trading style? What was your strategy?

Jennyfer: I always make it a point to study the economic conditions of the currencies I want to trade and of course follow religiously your trading signals. For me your trading signals are 99% accurate.

Mark: Do you think you were lucky or do you think you worked for it?

Jennyfer: It’s a combination of LUCK, HARDWORK & of course your ACCURATE TRADING SIGNALS.

Mark: Were you able to develop discipline in trading during this contest?

yes i developed discipline , the fastest way to get rich is to go slow so “wag magpadalus dalus”,always in control when you are trading.

Mark: What lessons did you learn from this contest?

Jennyfer: PATIENCE… Don’t be too aggresive

Mark: When did you start trading? Have you won / lost money in Forex trading before?

Jennyfer: i started jan 19,2010, at the start i won but later on i  lost almost half of my capital because of my aggressiveness. I learned a lesson from this mistake. So, I controlled my emotions and started to be patient. It really pays if you’re patient.

Mark: Are you an aggressive / moderate / conservative trader?

Jennyfer: From the lessons I learned from my mistake (aggressiveness) I can say I am now a CONSERVATIVE TRADER.

Mark: What’s your advice to our fellow members / traders?



Think you can beat her? Join the Contest here:  or copy and paste this link into your browser:


Monsterpips to All!



Comment on insider selling

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Insider stock selling
Cnn money reported over the weekend of a massive amount of insider selling of their us stock holdings since april. Why? Well in my opinion there are three reasons why insiders would do this: 1. They’ve been waiting to cash out ever since the crisis started, so now that all major indices have turned bullish again they’re selling. 2. Most of these are options which really mean that the opportunity to turn contracts to cash is irresistable 3. They’re buying into the opinion that prices are too high and the current prices do not reflect the current fundamentals. While all this is happenimg though, the major us indices are still charging upwards this would lead me to believe that despite insider selling the broader market is still buying. There must be caution now as a healthy pullback may be coming soon. For currencies the usd will continue to weaken significantly as investors and traders are dumping the idea that the usd is a safe haven currency for now
-Mark So

Trading in Volatile Times

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October 12, 2008

Market Situation:

The Dow closed at 8,451 points last Friday plunging the whole week last week despite a concerted lowering of interest rates by the US, Europe, UK, and Australia by a whopping 1% each. The central bank rates are the
rates that the banks use to lend to each other and forms part of the cost of lending to other institutions (business loans, personal loans, mortgage loans).

The problem however is that there is no trust in the markets. Banks specifically having been burned by AIG and ratings agencies are no longer lending to one another, and no longer lending to other institutions. So even when the central banks of the world lowered their benchmark lending rates, the market completely ignored it and the equities market around the world also went down in concert.

Now let’s take a look at the late Friday announcement of Paulson. The US treasury will be buying equity in an array of US banks which will partly nationalize these banks. I believe this move is to perhaps kick start lending among the banks immediately. This move however was started in the UK where banks in the UK were also infused with government money by the Bank of England.

Will this help stabilize the Equity markets? I don’t think so. I think that it will actually make investors choose to remove their investments in the Major markets and place them in the banks since that is where the stabilization efforts are right now.

As a result, the Carry trade pairs may continue its declines as risk appetite has diminished and will continue to do so until firmer action is done to address the Capital markets (Stocks, Futures, Bonds, Forex, etc.) The US dollar will continue to strengthen as investors convert their illiquid holdings to US Dollars.

What I did last week:

I opened another forex trading account with a smaller account balance to trade with (US$900+). I labeled this account as my “high risk” trading account. I traded the markets with this account only with huge stops sometimes as much as 260 pips and kept my other accounts un-traded.

Like everything I do, I had to contain my risks and opening a separate account was my way of doing just that. It paid off and I made 500+ pips last week on that account alone.If you want to trade the markets in its current form, which is not going to be any less volatile, I suggest you do what I did and keep majority of your funds safe and only trade with a “high risk” account.

If you have an existing account, creating a new account is free and will not cost you any wire transfer fees if you are just transferring some money from your existing trading account to the new one.

Would you like to know what I’m trading this week? Join the forum at www.forexclubmanila.com

Monsterpips to All!


Trading Forex Online

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If you’ve been trading forex for a while now, welcome to my blog. This is where I will share some of my insights in trading forex.

My name is Mark So and I started trading currencies in 1998 (not on line) primarily buying and selling the USD in moderate amounts.

It was only in 2004 when I started trading Currencies online (and not very profitable at that mind you) I started trading online late because as many of you may know, the internet was not very reliable back then plus trading currencies online was pretty new and untested. So while I was researching more on it and still buying up USD and keeping it in the banks until I was ready to sell, I started building and developing businesses and honing my teaching skills.

In 2005 I started to trade Forex online with consistent gains, no longer would I win some and lose all, I was actually making a decent amount of returns.

In 2006 I started teaching Forex all thanks to my wife Jhoanna. She was the one who convinced me to teach Forex. I was honestly a reluctant teacher because forex was in my mind one of the hardest things to teach. But in hindsight, my wife was as usual, correct. I realized from the very first class I conducted that this was something that I would love to continue doing.

In 2007, I was approached by FXCM to become their Referring Broker in the Philippines, which I accepted. This was also the year that I created my online forex education site called Monsterpips.com. This site sold a specific trading strategy called “Inverse Hedging”.

In 2008, this year, FXCM officially appointed me and my company Businessmaker Academy to become FXCM’s training partner in the Philippines. This is also the year I created Forex Club Manila an exclusive Forum based membership site to help my students with their forex trading careers by providing them with my live forex signals, weekly currency forecasts, members only videos, and trading insights.

Today, I’m glad to say, I have taught approximately 200 enthusiasts in the Philippines and about 150 more internationally. And with all of your help and your kind word of mouth, I do hope to continue this.

Best regards and Monsterpips to All!